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About Us

Welcome to SmithMade Soap Co. where we specialize in and focus on natural skin care products. Owner Sarah May, a mother of three, had a scare early in life when she was diagnosed with skin cancer at only 16 years old. Fortunately, it was caught and diagnosed early enough to be successfully treated. Since then, she has been very cautious about protecting her skin and pays close attention to its health and appearance.

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Natural Skin Care

Looking for natural skin care products with ingredients you recognize and trust? Every SmithMade Soap Co. product is essential for giving you the ingredients you want and the results you want to see. Our natural cold-press soap is used to gently rid the skin of any dirt, oil and debris, without leaving it dry. Our oatmeal soaps exfoliate the skin’s surface, helping with the absorption of moisturizing products like skin balms and lotions. Used daily, each of our natural skin products leave skin smooth, healthy and refreshed. Use them as directed to keep skin in its optimal condition.

Premium Ingredients

Our primary goal is to create high-quality products that last and leave your skin feeling healthy. To accomplish this, we use natural ingredients that are known to positively improve the look and feel of skin. These include tea tree oil, lavender essential oil and other moisture-rich oils that hydrate skin.

Efficient Packaging

From boxes that let soap cure longer to easy-to-use spray bottles, our packaging is a simple but functional approach. We look for ways to improve the life and effectiveness of our natural skin care products without adding unnecessary costs.

Community Focus

We take pride in our state and community, and we're always looking for ways to give back. A portion of all proceeds from SmithMade Soap Co. will be donated to support local efforts such as scholarship programs, non-profit organizations and civic events.



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