About SmithMade

Humble Beginnings and how SmithMade Soap Co. made its way Online

Welcome to SmithMade Soap Co. where we specialize in and focus on natural skin care products. Owner Sarah May, a mother of three, had a scare early in life when she was diagnosed with skin cancer at only 16 years old. Fortunately, it was caught and diagnosed early enough to be successfully treated. Since then, she has been very cautious about protecting her skin and pays close attention to its health and appearance.

One of the ways she accomplishes this is by focusing on natural products. Growing up on a family farm/homestead influenced many of her ‘natural’ ways, but she was also near her grandmother (or “Nana” as she’s known by many) who was raised during the Great Depression. Because of Nana, Sarah has been around some old-fashioned cold process soap making for most of her life. This passion that began in her childhood eventually led to the idea for SmithMade Soap Co.

Skin Care for Kids Really Does Matter

Not only did Sarah care about products she used, but she also had her first born (and the two more to come) to consider.  After researching all the products available to children, she decided there weren’t many affordable natural choices and she began making several natural skin care products for her newborn.

The first product she made was Evening Lavender Skin Balm, which she applied to her son’s gentle skin before bed each night. With her son sleeping soundly, Sarah knew she had created something wonderful. It only took a few friends to try it before it became a popular item. As her son grew, she developed more products to meet the family’s needs. A bug repellant for battling pesky mosquitos at the park and a surface cleaner for messes (we won’t go into detail), were just some of the ways she incorporated natural products into their daily routine.

These successes were reasons why her husband, Jeremy May, encouraged her to consider leaving her job and working from home. It didn’t take long selling at the local farmers market and a few weekend festivals before she knew there were many others who also cared about protecting their skin. After all, your skin is the largest organ of your entire body. Why shouldn’t we all care more about it?

Giving Back to the Community

Another source of caring at SmithMade is Sarah’s husband Jeremy. He has a passion for engaging in the community, which ranges from mentoring students to helping the homeless become self-sufficient. Along with participating in many civic activities, he’s spent the last several years helping open Riverview Hope Campus in Fort Smith, AR, which aims to cure and prevent homelessness in the surrounding area. Because giving back is so important to the May family, SmithMade has generously pledged to give a minimum of $0.25 from every single item sold online. These funds will go towards supporting education, less fortunate individuals and children, and artisan/farmers markets.

Reviews on SmithMade Soap Co. Products

We don’t have a doctor or a scientist in the house, so we can’t make any medical claims, but we can tell you each and every one of our products are used by us and for us — leaving our skin feeling protected and fresh. We’d appreciate your feedback on your favorite products and what you use them for. Leave us a review on any product page you’ve tried.

If you would like to learn more about our natural skin care products, sign up for our newsletter. Not only will you get information about our products, ingredients and tips, you’ll also get some great discounts and exclusive offers. And remember, every item purchased is helping make a difference in someone else’s life.

If you’re ready to experience a natural skin care routine, try SmithMade Soap Co. products and see what healthy skin can feel like.