Household Surface Cleaner

Lemon Refresh Household Cleaner


Lemon Refresh Household Cleaner


Lemon Refresh Household Cleaner

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2 oz. bottle


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Spray desired amount directly on surface and wipe clean.


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Natural Household Cleaner

Wipe down sticky counters, dust dirty coffee tables and bookshelves, and clean showers, sinks and more with SmithMade Soap Co. all purpose cleaner. We use organic ingredients and plant-based extracts that help cut through dirt without leaving a residue.

Benefits of a Multi-Surface Cleaner

Tired of bleach and other traditional products? Get powerful cleaning action with ingredients you can trust with a natural household cleaner. This product:

  • Is suitable for all hard surfaces in your home
  • Safely cleans and removes dirt and grime
  • Contains no harsh chemicals
  • Leaves a fresh and clean scent behind

Use it daily to naturally disinfect and clean even the messiest areas in your home.