Muscle Balm

Soothe Away Muscle Balm


Soothe Away Muscle Balm


Soothe Away Muscle Balm

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2 oz. jar


Coconut Oil, Calendula and Meadowsweet infused Olive Oil, Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Palm Oil, and essential oils


Apply a small amount topically as desired


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Organic Muscle Rub Cream

SmithMade Soap Co. muscle rubs are made from a unique blend of ingredients that help sooth muscles and relieve pain. Unlike other sore muscle remedies, our natural rub contains no added fillers or preservatives — leaving only organic ingredients you’ll love.

How To Use Our Muscle Rub

Get relief from head to toe by applying this product wherever you hurt. Use it topically for temporary relief of:

  • Headaches. Rub it on your temples and behind your ears.
  • Arthritis pain. Gently massage product on skin. Especially great for hands, knees and elbows.
  • Other muscle and joint pain. Warm product between hands and apply to affected area.

Available Scents

With light, subtle fragrances and powerful pain relief, our muscle rubs are great to use wherever you are. Take them to work, leave them at home and use them while travelling — with no powerful odor, there’s no need to wait. Try our Soothe Away scent today.