Natural Facial Cleansers and Body Washes

Keep your skin happy and healthy with our handmade soap products. Formulated for daily use, these items work as facial cleansers and natural body washes that gently cleanse and hydrate. Use them all over for beautiful skin you’ll love to show off.  

Our Soap Products

No matter what you’re looking for — traditional handmade bar soap, exfoliating oatmeal soap or organic vegan soap — SmithMade Soap Co. has the product you need in a scent you’ll want. Find fragrances like invigorating tea tree oil, soothing lavender and refreshing citrus in each of our natural cleansers. Learn more about our:

  • Vegan soaps
  • Oatmeal soaps
  • Liquid soaps

Choosing the Best Natural Cleanser

We leverage organic, wholesome ingredients with powerful moisturizing oils to create easy-to-use skin care products. Our ultimate goal is to create products that keep your skin clean, without added chemicals and preservatives. Try them today!