Bar Soap

Natural Soap for All Skin Types

Get the perfect blend of clean and hydrated with all-natural hand soap from SmithMade Soap Co. Created to leave skin feeling soft and healthy, this natural bar soap is perfect for daily use. Try it in every scent to find your favorite.

Our Process

We believe in using only the finest natural ingredients for your skin. That’s why we experimented with a variety of oils and botanical extracts to find a blend we were proud to put our name on. Crafted with quality moisturizing ingredients and premium essential oils, our handmade soap provides everything you’re looking for — a rich lather, gentle cleansing action and a lasting fragrance.

Choosing the Best Bar Soap

No matter your needs, we have a solution. From bars that provide exfoliation to soap with essential oils that promote relaxation, SmithMade Soap Co. has the product you need to wash away dirt, oil and stress. Choose from these options (available in 4 oz. bars)

  • Charcoal Tea Tree
  • Evening Lavender
  • Unscented
  • Natural Oatmeal Soaps