Sugar Scrub

Gently Exfoliate With a Natural Sugar Scrub

Want soft, glowing skin that looks young and radiant? Try a sugar scrub from SmithMade Soap Co. We use natural ingredients that moisturize and exfoliate, leaving your skin feeling amazing.

Sugar Scrub Benefits

Did you know our skin regenerates itself about every 27 days? This process is what gives us healthy skin, but without exfoliation it can result in a dull, yellow appearance. With it’s fine, gritty texture, sugar helps remove dead skin cells –– resulting in soft, smooth skin and potentially minimizing the appearance of your pores. Along with those positive benefits, exfoliating can also help:

  • Other skin care products better absorb into skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles appear smaller
  • Reduce the breakouts on your body

Try Our Sugar Body Scrubs

We offer a variety of fragrances so you can get the exfoliation you need in the scent you want. Find your favorite and use it each week for smooth, healthy skin.